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Rishav Kamboj

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₹ 100000.00

Unigauge Railway

hello My name is rishav kamboj. I developed a small team with idea and now need fund for prototype development. And for fund i need to have startup in legal firm but for this i have lack of resources. Currently i have no documents and contact number. So anyone who will take interest having any high profession and need urgent job can apply for it. He/ she has to use his/her document for legal firm and has to take big responsiblity from investment to development of idea. Salary will not be paid monthly but person will get directly a share of 40-50% in startup. I will work as a member of idea developer only and guide to them. Make contact to me via if interested. It is a good job oppurtunity. please take it consider. idea is unique and innovative

Duration :6 months

Posted :1 year ago

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